VBF Bearings

Bearing 1

  • 1_VBF
  • 2_VBF
  • 3_VBF

This is one of the two open VBF - bearings. The safety devices are as described above.
Here tankers are pumped out. Two solvent separators are installed for this purpose.

Bearing 2

  • VBF2

This is the second open VBF bearing. It is also equipped with gas detectors and additional safety devices.

Bearing 3

  • VBF3
  • VBF31
  • VBF32
  • VFB33

The two pictures on the right represent a part of the third, closed VBF - bearing. The strictest safety regulations apply to this warehouse. This warehouse is equipped with a fully automatic extinguishing system, fire alarm system, gas detection system and a collection tank for contaminated extinguishing water.
In addition, there is a fire-fighting water holding tank which pumps 1800 litres of water per minute. The CO2 - gas is stored in a special container at -20ยบ C, see picture below right!
In case of fire, doors and gates are automatically closed, the CO2 gas flows into the VBF storage with high pressure.